Friday, April 2, 2010

ROLLIN ROCKERS 'Litro' music video directed by Douglas Magnuson

The California based futuristic alernative hip-hop duo Rollin Rockers have made quite a splash on the music scene in the past several months. Between multiple overseas excursions, a project in the works with French indie powerhouse Chinese Man Records, preparing for this summers Vans Warped Tour, and organizing the Grind Time Now battles, these hardworking youngsters strive to push creative boundaries at all times. This new music video for their song 'Litro' (featured both on Fresh Coast 'Non Perishables Vol. 2' compilaiton and their Chinese Man Records BangBang EP! ) is no exception, and is an amazing visual spectacle, utiilizing artistry and technology never before witnessed in this medium. The chemistry between the two Rockers- Lush One and Plex Rock- approaches it's pinnacle in this piece. The beat was composed by Bay Area based producer Phillipdrummond, who laid the soundscapes for Lush's 'Music For Dope Runs' album released in 2008 and mixed by drum&bass veteran Perpetuum. The video was cut from the demo version of the track recorded in Phillipdrummond's bedroom studio with very modest resources. This is the first hip-hop based video for Director/visual virtuoso Douglas Magnuson, who recently won the 'Music Video of the Year' award at the highly respected Denver based Festivus Film Festival for his work with the psych rock outfit The Netherlands. This new video is a clear progression in style and technique from his previous effort, and brings the psychadelic concept and wordplay of the Rockers to life with mindbending imagery. What is most impressive is the complete absence of budget (the video was shot in Plex's one bedroom apartment for no money) yet the final result looks very sleek and expensive. The collaboaration between Magnuson and the Rollin Rockers is based on mutual respect an

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