Tuesday, December 22, 2009


One of the biggest events in the history of battle rap and THE most poppin hip-hop function on New Years in LA period.

Do not miss out.

YOU CAN BUY YOUR PRESALE TICKETS RIGHT NOW. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SEND A PAYPAL, and thats the website WWW.PAYPAL.COM for the internet impaired.. It is $15 per person and the tickets are moving fast. If you wait to get them at the door it will be $20. Send the paypal to nickcarletti@yahoo.com

The event is on DECEMBER 31ST, 2009 at the AIRLINER in the DTLA/Lincoln Heights area. The doors open at 5pm, the battles start shortly after and the event will be goin to 2AM. The battles should be over before 11:30 and the rest of the night will be a party consisting of drinkin, smokin, straight West Coastin, live performances, freestyles, beat battles, and more.. Everyone used to think these battles would be small time, not a big deal, and that no one really cared or new about it.. well, LOOK AT US NOW!! Come through and be a part of history, laugh your ass off, witness amazing lyricism, and have a great time!

Any questions/comments/concerns:

email nickcarletti@yahoo.com



The new collabo project between Lush One and Plex Rock of DelMon called Rollin Rockers has a more alternative and electronic leaning than their previous material with even better bars. These guys are about to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry especially due to their dynamic live shows/parties. They have already sold out several venues throughout France with their label/DJ Crew Chinese Man Records who are making huge waves as one of Europe's prime indie labels.

Check out some of the Rockers new material on their Reverb Nation page:

Heres a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Rollin Rockers 'BANGBANG' demo provided by Chinese Man:

Heres a link to a live ROLLIN ROCKERS freestyle and interview on MARSEILLE, FRANCE radio 88.8 GRENOUILLE RADIO.. there are more freestyles and interviews to be uploaded soon:

ROLLIN ROCKERS performing with CHINESE MAN at a sold out show in PARIS, FRANCE:

Hailing from California, the Rollin Rockers are the internationally respected duo of two very unique and charismatic MCs- Plex Rock and Lush One. Their style is edgy, innovative, genre-bending, bass heavy music that both rock the party and warp the wind with top notch lyricism and vocal styling. They are able to experiment with many different influences (from electronic music to rock and everything in between) while still staying true to their signature sound. From house parties to sold out arenas, The Rollin Rockers will make any function more exciting- these two friends and lifelong collaborators are natural entertainers and experienced Masters of Ceremony.

Signed to Chinse Man Records in France, working with Coconuts Ent. in the US, in less than a month this group is already on the fast track for success (having already rocked several sold out shows overseas before ever performing under their current moniker on American soil). The Rockers branched off from their original group- the cultishly popular underground hip-hop outfit DelMon Crew- and enlisted a network of talented friends and collaborators to help take their vision to the next level. Producers Phillipdrummond, Sly D, Perpetuum and MC/singer Roch among others have already began Rollin with the Rockers as they shape and define their sonic essence. In addition to their work with the group they both serve as icons and leaders on the Fresh Coast scene they pioneered through Lush's role as CEO and President of Grind Time Now, the largest battle movement in hip-hop history. The Rockers' greatest strength is how the two MCs play off each other and offset one another's styles in a cohesive and engauging manner. They aren't afraid to have fun and be themselves. Catch them now before everybody hops on the good ol' bandwagon.. Bangbang rock on..


for booking, more info, etc. contact:
NICK CARLETTI 510-965-8481